September 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 3:58pm

Attending Board Members: President Kevin Abel, Vice President Ty Witt, President-Elect Lester Cooper and Secretary Tiffany Gering.  Directors: Rick Nedrow, Phil Moller, and Kirk McGovern.

Absent:  Director Lexy Lieurance, Director Phil Moller, Past President Jordana Laporte, Treasurer Terry White, Directors: Sandy Calicoat

Approval of Minutes: Director Rick Nedrow made the motion to approve the August 11, 2016 Board Minutes with a second to the motion provided by President-Elect Lester Cooper. Motion passed unanimously.

Attendance Report & Membership Reports: Director Rick Nedrow asked when we remove people who consistently do not show up to meetings. After some discussion, it was decided that the Membership Committee should first speak to their sponsor and then report back to the board. It was also decided that the membership committee should provide suggestions to the board regarding absentee member procedures. Director Rick Nedrow will wait until Mary is back and go from there.

Also of note, Ty Waude has resigned and needs to be dropped. President Kevin Abel will remind Rotarians that when they introduce a potential new member not to say, “We are hoping they will be a new member.” This could create an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved if the board did not approve membership. He will make this announcement when we don’t have any “new” guests.

Director Rick Nedrow is now sending the attendance report to the entire membership committee. Director Phil Moller mentioned that there is a meeting happening next week for the potential new members, which is of concern because there has not been a board vote to approve the members nor have the members been posted for a week. Here is the correct process for new members which should not be deviated from: member application submitted to board, the board votes, if approved, the member is posted in the newsletter for one week, and then the membership committee speaks to them about Rotary responsibilities.

Financial Report: President Elect Lester Cooper reported that Vin du Lac sent $1,000 for the bike ride sponsorship making our total ride sponsor dollars $11,500.

Old Business:

  1. Youth Exchange-Student from Taiwan: No report.

New Business

  1. Welcome Kirk as new member
  2. Fundraising replacement for BBQ
    1. Housing for donation during bike ride
    2. Trail Run/Ride (kayak, bike, relay)
    3. Poker Run
    4. Paddle Board Race
    5. BBQ Chicken
    6. Lady of the Lake Cruise (Winterfest)
    7. Mountain Bike – Echo
    8. Butte Run/Hike/Race
    9. 5k Run through vineyard
    10. Drive through Christmas lighting at Don Morse
    11. Pickle ball tournaments, tournament host makes about $6,000

Discussion: We need a fundraiser that will raise $10,000 to replace the BBQ. After considering all options the board narrowed it down to two ideas, Rotary home hosting and the 5K run through the vineyard. The Rotary home hosting donation during the bike ride could cover that amount. President Elect Lester Cooper reported that the bike ride committee is going to speak to the school district to procure the use of football field for ride participant camping. A security guard would be hired and participants could camp for a fee. President Kevin Abel will contact Jan Fedor to determine if he is interested in researching the 5K run through the vineyard.

100-year ideas

  1. Park
    1. Climbing wall Don Morse
    2. New skate park or enhanced like Leavenworth
    3. Park near Gorge Trail (Reach 1)
    4. Splash pad or fountain
    5. Park in other area of community
    6. New park with access to lake
    7. Mini parks or access to lake
    8. Musical park
  2. Community Pool
  3. Community Center
  4. Affordable Housing
  5. Water Quality
  6. Multi-use Event Center

Discussion: The board agreed that the community pool was not a good idea as it has been attempted at least three times and failed.  Regarding a multi-use event center, the level of governmental involvement is concerning. All other ideas seemed viable to the board with the big issue being land. President Kevin Abel decided that the next two satellite meetings will focus on the 100 year ideas. This small group will discuss and a survey will be created to go to membership. Once this group has met and survey results are in, a formal proposal will be submitted to the board. Some unanswered questions presented were: who could lead and how much can we start saving per year. More board discussion to come after hearing back from the satellite meeting consensus.

  1. Grant Requests – None.
  2. Membership Proposals –
  3. James Heg
  4. Dial Jones
  5. Karen Takagi
  6. Jillian Foster

Director Rick Nedrow made the motion to approve all 4 new member applications. President Elect Lester Cooper seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Director/Officer Assignments

  1. Vocational Service – Director Kirk McGovern asked President Kevin Abel what our expectations are for this committee. President Kevin Abel will get back to him.
  2. International Service – President Elect Lester Cooper, no report.
  3. Club Service – Director Rick Nedrow, no report.
  4. Community Service – Director Sandy Calicoat, no report.

Other Business – Good of the Order

Vice President Ty Witt wants to be on the next board agenda meeting for the Community Service group. He reported that there will be four community service teams, each with a team captain and every Rotarian on a team. Each team will be signed up for one Saturday per month for 3-4 hours. Project details will be given and determine which volunteers on your team can commit. Vice President Ty Witt requested $500 for ramp materials for an upcoming project. We already have a $225 credit at Lake Chelan Building Supply. Director Rick Nedrow made the motion to spend $500 on the ramp materials. Director Kirk McGovern seconded the motion. Motion approved. Ty Witt is donating the use of his trailer for the community service projects. The trailer cost $1,200 to wrap. Secretary Tiffany Gering makes the motion to spend the $1,200 on the wrap, Director Phil Moller seconded the motion. Motion passes unanimously.

Adjournment – 5:18pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Tiffany Gering

Lake Chelan Rotary Secretary