Community Service

Lake Chelan Rotary has been involved in many community service projects since it was founded in 1926.  Community Service Projects may be driven and executed by Lake Chelan Rotary or other local organizations we partner with.  This may include, but is not limited to local government, churches  and service organizations.   A Community service project may involve providing both labor and materials but cannot involve the purchase or rental of property or include the direct purchase of equipment.

Each year Lake Chelan Rotary sets aside money in its budget to do community service projects. We are ready to respond to local needs as may be necessary.

Below is the general organization structure of how community service projects are executed.  Team members may act as members of a specific team or may be involved with a single project.

Community service projects can be initiated by anyone by completing the Community Service Project Form.  Each project will be evaluated to determine needs, schedule requirements and cost to complete.  Once approved the project will be scheduled and team members will be assigned.

Community Service Project Teams

Chairperson: Ty Witt


Don Christenson, Karen Feek, Lester Cooper, Ron Hart

Team 1 Captain:

Brent Morrison

Larry Bowers

Lee Parker

Team 2 Captain:

Randy Brooks

Don Lloyd

Team 3 Captain:

Brian Patterson

Team 4 Captain:

Phil Moller

Randi Burchett

Team Members:

Tom Walters

Jim Slaugenhaupt

Lew Clark

Dan Hodge

Glenn Kerns

Dan Hodge

Tom Anglin

Mary Pat Scofield

Team Members:

Connie Lorenz

Karen Takagi

Kate Tomlinson

Kyle Plew

Jim Heg

Kelly Allen

Karen Pembroke

Tim Lemon

Team Members:

Concie Luna

John Ausnes

Kirk McGovern

Chris Milsap

Trica McCullough

Susie Hepner

Kari Grover-Wier

Scott McKellar

Arturo Zavala

Ray Dobbs

Team Members:

Mandi Dawson

Guy Evans

Tim Hollingsworth

Coron Polley

Jan Fedor

Cody Gunn

Phyllis Gleason

Kim Dunbar

Barb Koenig

Jordana LaPorte

Community Service Calendar (Events/Projects)

Community Service History

Lake Chelan Rotary Club has for many years been the leader in the development and construction of parks for the community. These have included: the Gateway Park honoring Rotary Past District Governor (and Mayor) Joyce Stewart, located at Webster and Woodin; Ruth Pingrey Centennial Park overlooking the U.S. Forest Service District offices; the east entrance triangle “Goat” park on the road to Chelan Falls and Walmart; instrumental in the planning and advocacy of the new school district soccer fields and the purchase of the seating; and most recently the corner park located at Columbia and Manson Highway at the edge of the Safeway parking lot. In all of these parks Lake Chelan Rotary was instrumental in the financing and physical construction of the projects with member and community volunteers. When you have a park idea, just ask Rotary!

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