The ShineOn Scholarship Fund promotes the development in young adults who demonstrate qualities of courage, honor, compassion, and commitment by overcoming adversity in their lives or an individual who exemplifies these qualities while helping others overcome their adversities.

In Dean’s short time on earth he struggled with adversity and rose like a phoenix. Dean had a unique gift of rising above his own struggles and somehow had the ability and the drive to shine. No one or thing could keep Dean’s spirit from shining. Dean believed in tomorrow and his own personal growth yet never failed to help others in their pursuits of their growth and vision.

The Dean Allen – ShineOn Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance for college bound – graduating High School students or GED recipient through annual scholarships for college expenses. Qualified students from our local High Schools are eligible. Our goal is to ultimately provide a scholarship each year to a deserving student from each of these schools. Selected candidates, by way of their demonstrated growth in overcoming adversity or helping others overcome adversity will perpetuate Dean’s legacy.