International Service

International Service exemplifies our global reach in promoting peace and understanding. We support this service avenue by sponsoring or volunteering on international projects, seeking partners abroad, and more. It offers Rotarians an opportunity for international fellowship with an important difference– humanitarianism.
There is no one-way to carry out an International Service project. When it comes to implementing a project, creativity and imagination are the keys to success. Projects may be as diverse as the construction of …
Rotary clubs to develop projects that address priority needs identified by the communities they serve, to help people help themselves, and to ensure projects are environmentally sustainable.


Brighter Futures Project


The Brighter Futures program started in 2014 when a number of Rotarians visited Kenya on a photography safari.  During their visit they had the opportunity to visit a Nkoilale primary school.  Here they meet some of the girls boarding at the school and learned of the difficulties young women have as they reach maturity.  It is not unusual for a young girl to be married at age 12 or 13 and face the possibility of female circumsian.  Some of them choose to run away from home in order to live in boarding at the school and get an education.  Others find that boarding at the school is the best option given the distance they have to walk to school and the dangers they face from wild animals along the way.

Nkoilale Primary Project


Our work at Nkoilale Primary began in 2014 with the construction of new toilets and the provision of new desks.

As the school population grew the toilets became very dilapidated and unusable.  In 2021 we initiated a project to build 26 new toilets.  These toilets are now in use by the students and staff.

Nkoilale Primary also became a StoryBook Libraries school.  The library is still growing and receives books at least two or three times each year.  Additional shelving is required and hopefully this will be available before the end of 2022.

Kisiriri Primary Project


The project  has transformed classrooms, provided the school with new toilets and access to clean water for drinking and basic hygiene.  Student desks, books and teaching supplies have been provided.  Three new classrooms have been built for kindergarten students.  The school now has a StoryBook library with 3000 books for students to use both at school and during the weekend. The schools student population has increased significantly from 450 in 2014 to 1,100 today..  The academic standing of the school in their zone of 15 schools, has improved from 2nd from the bottom to 2nd from the top.

Iltumaro Primary


Iltumaro is a remote rural location in south western Kenya.  The primary school has 270 students most of whom are day students who walk significant distances to and from school.  There are limited toilet facilities and the water obtained for a bore hole has a high level of salinity.  The project at Iltumaro aims to address all of these issues.  A  dormitory for 60 girls is under construction, this will be followed by a kitchen and dining hall.  Also being planned are new toilet facilities and a large rain water harvesting tank. Future plans include providing improved staff housing.

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StoryBook Libraries


Storybook Libraries collects donated books suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 14.  These books are sent to four schools in rural Kenya. The initial plan was to collect 1500 books.  To date, 8000 books have been collected.  We need good quality books that are suitable for beginning readers through chapter books for the more advanced students.  StoryBook libraries has had a significant impact on students interest in reading,  There has been a significant improvement in the students reading skills and scores on reading proficiency scores .

SafePad Project


Girls in Kenya miss up to 5 days of education monthly when they menstruate.  This con-tribes to drop-outs, a loss of  education and disease.  Due to a lack of resources, many girls use rags, leaves, tissue paper or cotton wool.  These are unsanitary and can cause illness and disease.  The SafePad project provides girls two pairs of pants and four SafePads for as little as $10.  The SafePads are washable and will last up to three years.  As a result of good sanitation, clean water and better hygiene we have seen absenteeism go down by up to 90%.

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Eye Glass Project


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Tiziano Vocational


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Baby Blankets and Clothing


Are you interested in giving GOLD to a young mother that will keep her newborn child clean and warm?  The objective is to collect good quality baby blankets and baby clothes that are no longer needed.  We will transport them to Kenya and guarantee they reach there destination.  This is a new initiative that will make an enormous different to mothers that are of very limited means.  Please bring blanks and clothing to a Rotary meeting during the months of May and June.  We have five empty suitcases that need to be filled before June 30, 2022.

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Affiliated International Projects

Mama Watoto Project


“The Mama Watoto  ‘Power Porridge’ is a Rhino Mercy food & wildlife security initiative targeting the basic hunger needs of students at Esupetai Primary School in Maasai Mara, Kenya.  All 442 students are provided hot and nutritious porridge for lunch so that many of them won’t need to leave school during the day in search of something to eat.   The porridge is high in protein, grown in Kenya, and processed locally.”

Enkop Nanyori Project


Enkop Nanyori means Green Landscape in Maasai Language from Kenya. Our goal is to facilitates and empowers local people to manage and conserve natural resources within the social, cultural and economic context of their communities and the World at large.

Rotary Action Groups



RAG4ES was formed for the purpose of empowering members take actions to sustain and protect endangered species, it provides informational resources for clubs and communities about the plight of Endangered Species.  The purpose is to assist them in initiating endangered species projects that are meaningful, help where possible and acknowledge/publicize their work.