Nkoilale Primary


Nkoilale is a small town located in Mara Division of Narok County in Southwest Kenya.  For the past 4 years Lake Chelan Rotary and friends have been helping to support Nkoilale Primary school and the people of the surrounding community.  Nkoilale Primary School is a day and boarding school just 5 miles from the Masai Mara National Reserve.  The  community around Nkoilale is predominantly pastoralist.  The school has 900 pupils, 21 teachers, and 14 classrooms. In the past several years there have been a steady increase in enrollments; and this trend is expected to continue. Projects at the school included building 6 toilets, 100 school desks plus teachers tables and chairs.  So far we have also provided solar lighting for 53 rural homes.  Rotary and friends are also involved is supporting 25 young girls and 3 young men who board at Nkoilale Primary School.


Customs and traditions within the Massai people are strong.  Some traditions must be preserved and some must change.  While things are changing, it is still quite common for young girls to be married at a very young age and to be subjected to the practice of female gentile mutilation known as FGM.  Many young girls do not have a choice and are married at 13 or 14 years of age for a dowry of cows, goats or sheep.  Some chose a different path and decide that an education is more important.  Many of the 25 young girls who we help support at Nkoliale school have chosen to get an education rather than be married

These young women are sponsored by Lake Chelan Rotary and its many friends.  Their school boarding fees are paid for, they receive school uniforms and personal items.  The commitment to sponsor a girl has to be long term.  They are sponsored through Grade 8.  If they are able academically they will also receive sponsorship help to go on to secondary (high) school.  During the coming year we have a number of girls who will be in grade 8 and may well be going on to secondary school in 2019.

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting has been installed in 53 rural homes. Each home has 4 light bulbs each one providing the equivalent of a 40 watt light bulb.  Light is available for up to 8 hours. Having solar powered light in a home provides a healthier environment for the whole family. It enables the children to have light so that they can do there homework and enables mother to continue her crafts and beading after dark.  It has the added benefit of attracting other members of the community to socialize after dark.  The results have had a very positive impact.

Toilets (3 Girls & Boys

Nine hundred students attend Nkoilale primary school.  The toilets facilities are in very poor condition.  They use pit toilets that are short on number and in some cases in a very bad state of decay. There is a need for a significant number of new toilets with hand washing facilities.  In 2015 six new toilets were built but and additional 18 to 24 new toilets are needed.  Before any new toilets are built the availability of an adequate water source must be established along with an established process for maintaining and cleaning the toilets.