October 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 4pm

Attending Board Members: President Kevin Abel, Vice President Ty Witt, and Past President Jordana Laporte, Secretary Tiffany Gering.  Directors: Rick Nedrow, Sandy Calicoat, and Kirk McGovern. Club members: Lyle Mettler, Tim Hollingsworth, Jan Fedor, and Terry Johnson (filling in for Treasurer Terry White).

Absent:  President-Elect Lester Cooper, Director Phil Moller, and Treasurer Terry White.

Approval of Minutes: Director Rick Nedrow made the motion to approve the September 8, 2016 Board Minutes with a second to the motion provided by Vice President Ty Witt. Motion passed unanimously.

Attendance Report: Director Rick Nedrow reported that there are 13 members yet to pay with only 6 people choosing not to do the $75 contribution. Discussion was had regarding members that do not attend because we still have to pay Rotary International for members who are not active. Director Rick Nedrow will be on vacation and Lyle Mettler will be handling attendance in his absence.

Financial Report: Terry Johnson (standing in for Treasurer Terry White) reported that the checkbook has not been balanced because we are still waiting on bank statements. The BBQ column under fundraising activities needs to be changed to Vineyard Run. Director Rick Nedrow made the motion to approve the financial report. Director Sandy Calicoat seconded the motion. Past President Jordana Laporte abstained. Motion approved.

Old Business

  1. Fundraiser Update: Jan Fedor
    1. 5K Vineyard Run: Bob Jenkleson at Tsillan Cellars is very excited about doing the vineyard run. Jan still needs to connect with Denny Evans as we would also need part of his property for the run. We would want to have the run during a time that would not interfere with Tsillan Cellars operations so Jan was thinking in July or August. Jan also contacted Airfield Estates in Prosser (where he came up with this idea). It is a 900-acre vineyard, they have a flyover, people bring their dogs, and it’s a tough run. Maybe Chris Millsap could do a flyover for our run? Jan thought expenses would include the cost for shirts ($5 per shirt) and Sani-cans. The Chelan Chase charges $30, is a certified race, has giveaways, and tons of food at the end. Tim Hollingsworth will provide an aerial photo for Jan to help with the course layout. Other discussion was had about adding a 2 1/2k run for kids, enough parking for 300 cars, making the event certified and timed, goody bags, and how much to charge. In order to hit the fundraising goal, the price per runner would need to be $25 with 200 runners as well as offering Rotarian housing. A committee will be put together soon. Director Rick Nedrow made a motion for Jan to continue planning the 5K Vineyard Run. Vice President Ty Witt seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
    2. Housing for donation during Century Challenge
  2. 100-Year Anniversary Project: Tim Hollingsworth
    1. Tim proposed the South Chelan Neighborhood Park by the Chelan Reach Trail. It’s a few acre piece of property controlled by the Chelan County PUD. They won’t allow any permanent buildings but that area is set aside under their recreation plan to be available to the City to develop as a park, the PUD won’t have any financial interest in developing the park. It was discussed to make it an incremental process of developing the park (entrance, picnic tables, shelter, basketball courts, tennis courts, playground area with logs and basalt rock, grassy area). It would take some coordination with the City because the Parks Department would have to maintain it and incur the expense. There was already one meeting and attended by neighborhood people who shared their concerns. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to apply for a district grant. It was suggested that the Community Services Team maintain it as part of our service projects if maintenance becomes a hurdle. Tim will make the initial contact with the City.
    2. Discussion on budget line item –Director Kirk McGovern made the motion to create a $10,0000 budget line item for the 100-year project. The motion seconded by Past-President Jordana Laporte. Motion passed unanimously.
  3. Senior Living Initiative (SLI): Lyle Mettler
    1. The SLI community meeting was very well attended. The goal of the SLI is to determine how people can live in their homes longer and better and also build a facility in town for elderly people who need a place to live. An ask will come but not at this point and Lyle requested that we carefully consider this.

New Business

  1. Community Projects – Ty Witt
    1. The first project started, site prep was done and the project is rolling along. Chelan Concrete donated gravel. 50 Rotarians are signed up on teams. The next step is to create an inventory list of tools needed. There are people willing to donate tools who don’t have time or aren’t able to volunteer. There will be all different types of projects, sometimes helping elderly and other times trail cleanup. We are currently on budget for this project. Ty would like to see a line item in next year’s budget.
  2. Grant requests –
    1. Morgan Owens PTA Project Playground requested $1,500. Vice President Ty Witt made a motion to pledge $500 and have the PTA account for where and when the money is spent. Director Rick Nedrow seconded the motion. All were in favor.
    2. Chelan FFA Horse Career – $1,000 (approved via e-mail vote).
  3. Sponsorship Proposal
    1. Rotary Ice Block Winterfest – $400: This money would come out of our marketing funds and is already a line item. Tiffany Abstains from vote. All were in favor.
  4. Membership Proposals –
    1. Adam Rynd: He is still very interested but wants us to wait a month or two to submit the application.
    2. Cody Gunn: Vice President Ty Witt made the motion to approve membership, Director Kirk McGovern seconded the motion. Motion passes unanimously.
    3. Membership Committee: Discussion was had on how to improve the process for new members. Some ideas were to encourage the club to focus on new members because they are often disoriented. Use new members as greeters. Do a mentorship program; a new member picks an existing Rotarian after a month to be their mentor. Different color badges for the newbies? Then there is a list of things they have to do before getting a blue badge (ie attend a board meeting, be a greeter, do a service project, etc). Director Kirk McGovern will provide a list that his club utilized. President Kevin Abel will meet with the membership chair to see how progress can be made.

Director/Officer Assignments

  1. Vocational Service – Kirk M.
  2. International Service – Lester C. – Tim and Jordana will meet to discuss Sylvia. Jordana would like to see Rotary make The Lion King one of our social outings.
  3. Club Service – Rick N.
  4. Community Service – Sandy C.

Other Business – Good of the Order

Adjournment –  5:25pm

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 10th at 4pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Tiffany Gering

Lake Chelan Rotary Secretary