November 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Lake Chelan Rotary

Board Minutes – November 10,2016 at 4pm

Call to Order: 4pm

Attending Board Members: President Kevin Abel, Vice President Ty Witt, President-Elect Lester Cooper, Past President Jordana Laporte, Treasurer Terry White, Secretary Tiffany Gering.  Directors: Rick Nedrow, Sandy Calicoat, Phil Moller, and Kirk McGovern. Club members: Paul Gunn, Rich Watson and Jan Fedor.

Approval of Minutes: Director Kirk McGovern made the motion to approve the October 6, 2016 Board Minutes with a second to the motion provided by Director Rick Nedrow. Motion passed unanimously.

Attendance Report: Director Rick Nedrow reported that Jillian Foster, Cody Gunn, and Servando Robledo are possible attendance concerns. Sponsors will be encouraged to touch base with those members. Paul Gunn thought it should be a responsibility of the membership committee. Discussion was had about including a bill in the induction packet. Paul Gunn and Director Rick Nedrow will meet to determine a plan.

Financial Report: Dues are being paid and this has been an outstanding year for Paul Harris contributions. Lexy Lieurance and Rob Manahan still need to pay dues for when they were members of our club. Past President Jordana Laporte will follow up with them to obtain dues. President-Elect Lester Cooper made the motion to approve the financial report. Director Phil Moller seconded the motion. Past President Jordana Laporte abstained. Motion approved.

Old Business

  1. Fundraiser Update
    1. 5K Vineyard Run – Jan Fedor
      1. Proposed date May 20th(Spring Barrel Tasting weekend)
        1. – 3 runs separated by 40 minutes with a $25 entrance fee
        2. $5,000 Budget for shirts, bibs, signage, advertising (maybe be included in the Lake Chelan Wine Alliance advertising, food, Sani-cans, etc.)
        3. Everyone would sign a waiver.
        4. Considering volunteers, music and gimmicks. Auction items? Beer garden? Rotary housing?
      2. 5K run from Tsillan Cellars to Denny Evans (Tunnel Hill).
        1. Showed the board the map. Roads and foliage will be ready per Bob and Denny.
        2. There is a 900ft elevation gain for the 5K run and that will be tough.
        3. There will also be a 5K run/walk (twice) with 700ft elevation gain. People will be encouraged to bring their dogs.
  • 2.5K fun run/walk – for kids with parents
  1. The board made the resolution to rename BBQ budget to the 5K Vineyard Run. Monies raised will go to local high school scholarships and our 100-year park project. President Kevin Abel will schedule Jan to present to Rotary on November 22nd.
  1. Housing for donation during Century Challenge – Deferred until our next board meeting.
  2. Chef in the City and Winterfest – President-Elect Lester Cooper – Chef in the City conversation deferred until our next board meeting. One idea for Winterfest would be to give away free hot dogs and take donations. One Rotary club did this and raised $1,800 in donations. Aaron Evans would probably be willing to help us with food products.
  1. 100-Year Anniversary Project – deferred until our next board meeting.
    1. Discussion on Chelan Reach location for park
    2. Project Leadership
      1. Bruce Hurst volunteering to lead – The park is owned by the PUD and we would need to investigate a 10-year agreement with both the City to maintain the park and the PUD to move forward with plans.
      2. Tim Hollingsworth volunteering to be on the committee.

New Business

  1. Nov 15, 2016 – 100thRotary Anniversary Celebration – Rich Watson
    1. Guest speaker, Past District Governor Ezra from Seattle. We will be awarding 15 Paul Harris fellowships at the party, an all-new club record making over half our club having 1 PH fellowship. 88% of our club is currently contributing to the foundation. Roger Perry will also be present. We have 1 major donor of $100,000 or more. Rich is still trying to increase benefactors. The top 3 giving clubs are Othello, Moses Lake and Omak/Okanogan.
  2. Holiday Party – Sorrento’s on 12/20 at 6pm. The cost is $30 per person.
  3. Road Signs and Billboards – President-Elect Lester Cooper
    1. President-Elect Lester Cooper will do some research regarding having the Rotary wheel engraved at Sorrento’s. President-Elect Lester Cooper made the motion to create new 16×20 signs with the Rotary logo. Director Phil Moller seconded the motion. Motion carries.
  4. Grant Requests
    1. Yoga Chelan LLC Kenya Project – We cannot give grants to individuals but Rotary will consider other options to consider a way to give the $250.
    2. Budget Line Item – Manger Mall – $1,000 request was made payable by December 10th. Jan will bring volunteer sign up sheets.
    3. Nkoilale Global Grant – President-Elect Lester Cooper is reaching out to other clubs to help fund additional toilet facilities and new library. He is hoping to obtain commitments from other clubs.
    4. Community Service and Band shell – Vice President Ty Witt – We would possibly provide labor at Don Morse to help with this project. November 1stwe received a District Grant for $7,000 and the Community Foundation matched the District Grant. Applications must be completed by February 28thin order to receive money. Discussion to build a trail to Elephant Head was considered for a potential project but it is already in progress and is not covered under the Lake Chelan Trail Alliance permit. Vice President Ty Witt is always looking for other projects where we can take advantage of a grant match. This will be revisited at the next board meeting.
  5. Sponsorship proposal
    1. No new requests
  6. Membership proposals
    1. Adam Rynd – He is not ready to join the club just yet. His application is on hold.
    2. Arturo Zavala – President-Elect Lester Cooper made the motion to approve membership. Director Sandy Calicoat seconded the motion. Motion carries.
    3. Diane Leigh – Director Sandy Calicoat made the motion to approve membership. Past President Jordana Laporte seconded the motion. Motion carries.

Director/Officer Assignments

  1. Vocational Service – Kirk McGovern: Director Kirk McGovern presented the Red Badge To Do List for new members. It will be given to the membership committee.
  2. International Service – President-Elect Lester Cooper
  3. Club Service – Rick Nedrow
  • Community Service – Sandy Calicoat

Other Business – Good of the Order

  1. Starbucks donated $500 matching from Century Challenge match.
  2. The exchange student needs host families and they need to be vetted first. President Kevin Abel will call a meeting to discuss next steps.
  3. There was discussion about donating $250 to the Drama Club for performing at our Christmas Party.

Adjournment – 5:37pm

Next Meeting: Thursday, December 8that 4pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Tiffany Gering

Lake Chelan Rotary Secretary