May 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 4:00pm

Board Members Present: Kirk McGovern, Rick Nedrow, Phil Moller, Les Cooper, Sandi Calicoat, Jordana LaPorte, Ty Witt, Terry White and Kevin Abel

Absent: Tiffany Gehring

Club Members Present:  Don Lloyd, Tim Hollingsworth, Bruce Hurst, Kelly Allen, Paul Gunn

Guests: Kerry Travers

Meeting called to order at 4:00

Kerry Travers and Don Lloyd requested time to present more information regarding the grant request made by the committee for Bach Fest earlier this year.  Kerry gave a historical perspective of the event and its continued growth as well as basic financial information regarding the costs associated with the event and where primary income and donations for the event come from.  Several questions and clarifications were answered and made for the board.  Kerry then excused herself from the meeting.

Approval of Board Minutes – Kirk McGovern made the motion to approve the April minutes, Terry White seconded the motion.  All were in favor, and the minutes were approved as submitted.

Financial Report – was presented by Terry White.

Lester Cooper made a motion to move the “Youth Exchange” bank account at Chase Bank (which has 1,188 in it) to the General Fund account at Washington Federal as there is no reason to have a separate bank account for this activity.  Sandy Calicoat seconded the motion, all were in favor, motion carried.  Terry White will proceed with the change.

Sandy Calicoat made a motion to approve the Financial Report, Lester Cooper seconded the motion.  All were in favor with Jordana LaPorte abstaining.  The Financials were approved as submitted.

Old Business:

  1. 5k Vineyard Run – Event is in 10 days, all is in order (as much as can be expected) and we are ready for the first go around.
  2. 100 Year Anniversary Project –

Bruce Hurst was asked to present and summarize our current options and challenges.  Currently, they are:

Option 1 – South Chelan property 3.5 acres, no permanent structure will be allowed, including foundations.  There is the ability to have water but not there yet.  Neither the City or the PUD has a budget for maintenance, but certainly have time to get into budgets.

Option 2 – Riverwalk Pavilion seating –  OK for maintenance if budget neutral.

Option 3 – Dog Park in Chelan Falls – currently not enough information, however a boy scout is trying to pursue this project for his Eagle Scout.

Option 4 – Lake Accesses –  currently not enough information

Option 5 – Pump Track – this project is being presented to the city and certainly has the potential for a partnership, however this project has hopes to be done in a short time frame.

Other considerations, suggestions that have made – Climbing wall (anything with safety issues would require a concessionaire); band shell in Don Morse Park (Riverwalk is not utilized that much); take on a portion of trail system.

Considering pros and cons of all, as well as timing the Board agreed that the PUD park in South Chelan still has the best potential, particularly as it could be done in stages as time and money allows.  Still need to work out maintenance budget with the City and specifics as to what can be “built” on the property.  Bruce was asked to continue researching this option.

Grant Requests:

Family Careers and Community Leaders of America  – Rick Nedrow made a motion and Terry White seconded that 750 be awarded, motion carried with all in favor.

Bach Fest –Kirk McGovern made a motion and Kevin seconded to fund the Bach Fest grant request.  Motion failed for lack of majority support.

NCW sports awards table sponsor (event sponsored by the Wenatchee North Rotary Club) – Sandy Calicoat moved that we sponsor a table – tickets to be donated to local high school athletes, Jordana LaPorte seconded, motion carried with all approving.

A copy of the 2015 Tax return for The Club was provided electronically to the Board prior to the meeting, Jordana discussed the highlights and answered questions.  Lester Cooper made a motion to approve the return for filing, Rick Nedrow seconded the motion, all approved with Jordana abstaining.  Kevin will sign the return for mailing.

There were no new membership proposals presented.

Tim Hollingsworth presented an update on the Youth Exchange Program, the committee currently consists of Jordana LaPorte as YEO, Tim Hollingsworth, Bob Sheehan, Kate Tomlinson and Mandy Dawson.  With some fresh ideas for advertising the program the committee suggests that maintaining the program every year rather than every other will greatly help to keep our momentum in finding both host families and students who would like to be outbound.

We currently have two committed families – Bill and Trish Fry, and Guy Evans as host families.  A third (non-Rotarian) family has expressed interest. Additionally, the LaPorte’s are willing to host the inbound student for this upcoming year if one of the three above doesn’t work out.

Kirk McGovern made a motion that we take the committees suggestion and host a student every year, Lester seconded the motion and all approved.

The attendance reports submitted by Rick Nedrow were reviewed and discussed.  Paul Gunn was on hand to represent the membership committee and how some of the new policies will help with low attendance members.  If a member falls below 25% the board feels the natural liaison with the member is their sponsor if they have been a member less than one year.  The membership committee will contact the sponsor or the member for a gentle “why” request, and then continue to follow up.  The intent is that the new mentor program will greatly help with new members and greater contact from the membership committee will increase member attendance and involvement.

Lester announced that there will be a Board retreat at Tom Warren’s cabin on June 17th from 10 -4.

Jordana raised the issue of the new policy by Rotary International regarding the use of the Rotary Mark in relation to activities involving guns and RI’s intention that sponsorship from gun and armament manufacturers not be allowed.  This is a lengthy policy that has received quite a bit of comment from general membership outside of our area.  After discussion Jordana made a motion to write RI regarding our disapproval of the policy as written, Lester seconded the motion and all approved.  Lester will write the letter to send to RI.

This closed the general business of the Club.

As there was no current business with relation to the Fund the meetings were adjourned at 6:00 pm.

Next meeting will be June 8, 4:00 at the Chamber Building

Adjourned. 6:00