March 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Lake Chelan Rotary Board


March 6, 2015

Location:   Campbell’s Resort

Attending Board Members:  President Jeff Fehr, Treasurer Jan Fedor, Director Bruce Hurst, Director Lexy Lieurance, Lyle Mettler as proxy for Vice President Kevin Abel and Rick Nedrow as Secretary and proxy for Paul Schmidt and Les Cooper as proxy for President Elect Jordana LaPorte.

Absent: President Elect Jordana LaPorte, Secretary Paul Schmidt, Past President Tim Hollingsworth, Vice President Kevin Abel, Director Morgan Picton and Director Aaron Evans.

The meeting was called to order at 11:40 AM by President Jeff Fehr.

Approval of Minutes:    Director Bruce Hurst made a motion to approve the February 6, 2015 Board minutes as submitted with a second to the motion by Rick Nedrow. Motion passed unanimously.

Secretary Report: No Report

Attendance Report:  Rick Nedrow presented his Monthly Report. There was general discussion on the remaining members who have not paid dues for 2015. Jan Fedor stated that all but one member has paid their dues. It was agreed that President Jeff would write a letter to the one remaining member who has NOT been attending meetings and has not paid his dues that he is no longer considered to be a member.  A somewhat softer letter will be sent to the others who have paid dues but are not attending, encouraging them to resume attending meetings.

Financial Report:  President Elect Jordana LaPorte was not in attendance, there was no financial report; however, Jan Fedor did report that some checks for the Radiothon and the Century Challenge have come in. No exact amount was given.

Old Business:

  1. Radiothon –Les Cooper reports that the brochures will be printed next week. Lyle Mettler states that he will start signing people up to be broadcasting live. It was also stated that the approximate income could be 13 thousand dollars.


  1. b) Library Plaque—President Jeff reports that he is reviewing the plague for errors, have found one so far. As of yet, there is no date scheduled for mounting or ceremony.


  1. Father’s Day Scotch & Stogie Fundraiser: Discussion of the event by club members seemed to be positive with only one member raising an objection. Therefore, a motion was made by Bruce Hurst and seconded by Less Cooper to support the event. Motion passed unanimously.


New Business

  1. New Member Proposal: Kari Kollmeyer has been proposed for Lake Chelan Rotary Club Membership by Club Member Morgan Picton as sponsor. Kari works for Windermere Real Estate. Les Copper made the motion for the first posting of Ms Kollmeyer for Lake Chelan Rotary Club Membership. Seconded by Rick Nedrow. Motion passed unanimously.


  1. New Member Proposal: Less Cooper states that he has Ty Witt as a proposed new member but has yet to complete the required application. Will submit at a later date.


  1. A discussion about when Steve Palmbush and Connie Lorenz would be inducted into the club. President Jeff states that as soon as Bob Sheehan; our Membership Chairman has met with them, they could be inducted. Also the status of Kelly Allen and Ryan Gunn who have gone thru the posting process was discussed, with no action taken on either at this time.


  1. A Grant request form member Mike Steele on behalf of the Manson Community Library Board of Directors. The Grant request is in the amount of $300.00. After some discussion, A motion was made by Bruce Hurst and seconded by Less Cooper to approve the request. The motion was passed unanimously


Good of the Order:

  1. Les Cooper reports the he took 5 INTERACT members to the Cashmere Middle School to facilitate the formation of a club there. He felt that the students and the proposal were well received and that the mission was a success.
  2. Les Cooper believes that a grant for a maximum of 20 thousand dollars will be submitted next week to support the Nkoilale Primary School in Kenya. More information coming at a later date.
  3. The INTERACT Club is busy fund raising for there up and coming trip to Nicaragua.

Adjourned at 12:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Nedrow

Lake Chelan Rotary Club Acting Secretary