April 2015 – Board Meeting Minutes

Lake Chelan Rotary Board


April 3, 2015

Location:  Campbell’s Resort

Attending Board Members: President Jeff Fehr, President Elect Jordana LaPort, Director Lexi Lieurance, Treasurer Jan Fedor, Director Morgan Picton, and Director Bruce Hurst. Also, Rick Nedrow as Proxy for Secretary Paul Schmidt and Les Cooper as Proxy for Arron Evans.

Absent: Vice President Kevin Able, Secretary Paul Schmidt, Past President Tim Hollingsworth, Director Arron Evans.

Other Members Present: John Anderson, Tom Warren, Lyle Mettler and Tiffany Gering.

The meeting was called to order at 11:47 AM by President Jeff Fehr.

Approval of Minutes: There were no minutes of the March Meeting to approve. They will be approved at the next meeting on May 1st.

Secretary Report: No Report.

Attendance Report: Rick Nedrow distributed the summary attendance report for the month of March and noted that some members with long term absences have been at meetings, so it appears that the letter campaign is working. Jan Fedor stated that Jon Higgins is no longer considered to be a member.

Financial Report: Jan Fedor reported that all dues have been paid and all members have made Paul Harris contributions.  Jordana LaPort distributed the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Report as of March 31, 2015. Jan Fedor states that there is $984.00 in the drawing fund.

Old Business:

  1. Radiothon: Jordana reports that all invoices have been sent out. Tiffany states that $8,425 worth of ads, etc. has been sold. Lyle feels that all is going well and we are ready to go on April 4th.

New Business:

  1. Grant Request – Chelan to Africa/ Food Bank Benefit Concert. This request was submitted by Jan Fedor asking for $500.00 to pay for the Kevin Jones Band at this concert that is raising funds to support children and their caretakers in the small rural village of Lesotho. Rotary did support this event last year. Motion to approve the $500.00 grant request was made by Les Cooper and seconded by Bruce Hurst. Motion passed unanimously.
  2. Grant Request – Lake Chelan Cinco de Mayo Festival. Scott McKeller submitted this request asking for $500.00 to fund the mariachi band that will play during the event. Les Cooper spoke against the grant. Lexi felt that if the grant was approved, that the advertisement for the event should give ROTARY credit for funding the event. John Anderson will insure that ample credit is given to ROTARY. Motion to approve the $500.00 Grant request was made by Morgan Picton and seconded by Jordana LaPort. Passed unanimously.
  3. Grant Request –Lake Chelan Senior Night Organization via Kim Skaar has requested that ROTARY provide $700.00 to help provide gift items to graduating seniors at the “Drug and Alcohol Free” Graduation party. There were NOT many positive comments about this grant. It was felt that more information was needed. However, after more discussion a Motion was made by Bruce Hurst to provide $500.00 and seconded by Jordana LaPort. Motion Passed unanimously.
  4. New member proposal: Mary Watson has been proposed as a new member by Rich Watson. Mary will be the first spouse proposed as a member and will only pay half the amount for dues if accepted. Also research by Jordana LaPort and Les Cooper has found that proposed new members need only be posted once, not twice, which we have done in the past. Motion made by Jordana LaPort and seconded by Tom Warren to post Mary Watson as a proposed new member. Motion passed unanimously.

OTHER NEW BUSINESS: Rotary member and Chamber Sales Manager Tiffany Gering presented the Board with a document that outlines the History and Background of the Chamber and the Visitor Center. It also describes various meeting rooms and spaces contained in the NEW Chamber facilities located at 216 E. Woodin Ave. Tiffany drew our attention to the page titled Gold Sponsorship that describes; in detail 2 conference rooms in the downstairs level that are available for sponsorship that includes, but not limited to: Naming Rights, Use of the room and the Visitor Center at no charge. Other items include Community and Media Exposure and Signage.

Tiffany and Les felt that sponsoring one of these rooms would be a great advantage to our organization for years to come. Sponsorship of a room would cost the Lake Chelan Rotary Club $20,000.00 over 10 years (five payments of $4,000.00 over ten years).  After much discussion, a Motion was made by Jordana LaPort and seconded by Lexi Lieurance to enter into an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce to sponsor a conference room for 10 years, with 1st right of refusal at the end of that time period. Motion passed unanimously.

OTHER  BUSINESS:  Member John Anderson presented the Board with a letter that describes the effort by him and others that are representing Chelan Valley Hope, Lake Chelan Food Bank, Give Naked just to name a few to purchase the old library building on Bradley Street. The capital campaign to raise the funds has begun and they are calling the building, The Cornerstone Building.  John would like to see the Rotary Club contribute $25,000.00 toward this effort just as they did with the donation to Friends of the Library. THIS IS NOT A FORMAL REQUEST AT THIS TIME. President Jeff will place this topic on a future Board Meeting agenda.

Good of the Order: Lexi Lieurance reminds the Board of the youth conference at Campbell’s Resort on April 17th and 18th. Some members have already agreed to help out.

With nothing more to come before the board, President Jeff adjourns the meeting at 1:22 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Nedrow, Acting Secretary

Lake Chelan Rotary