June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Lake Chelan Rotary Board


June 5, 2015

Location:   Campbell’s Resort

Attending Board Members:  President Jeff Fehr, President Elect Jordana LaPorte, Vice President Kevin Abel, Past President Tim Hollingsworth, Director Morgan Picton, Director Bruce Hurst, Director Aaron Evans, Treasurer Jan Fedor and Secretary Paul Schmidt.

Absent: Director Lexy Lieurance.

Attending Club Members:  Lester Cooper and Rick Nedrow.

The meeting was called to order at 11:40 AM by President Jeff Fehr.

Approval of Minutes:    Director Morgan Picton made a motion to approve the May 1, 2015 Board minutes as submitted with a second to the motion by Aaron Evans. Motion passed unanimously.

Secretary Report: Secretary Paul Schmidt presented three (3) copies of the updated Assignment List for next year’s weekly meeting tasks. Final membership roll will be submitted to Rotary International for the upcoming SAR Report, due no later than July 1, 2015.

Attendance Report:  Rick Nedrow reported on member attendance for the last two months. Noted were those members with “sketchy” attendance records, but no action was taken.

Financial Report: President Elect Jordana LaPorte reported the following:

  • Radiothon still has $650 of outstanding pledges still to be collected.
  • As of June 5, 2015, $18,000 has been collected for Bike Race registrations. Lester Cooper noted the number of registered riders compared to this time last year is down significantly (1/3). Also noted was the lag time in receiving funds from our third party vendor from the website registrations.
  • Interact Club has been busy spending money in preparation of their Guatemala Trip.

Old Business:

  1. Bach Fest Presentation – Kerry Travers presented on behalf of the Bach Fest the information requested by the Rotary Board from the last meeting. Those six (6) questions and responses are as follows:
  2. What is the winery contribution? Answer: Six wineries each pay $200 for an individual concert, with 80 to 100 usually attending each winery concert
  3. Do they purchase ads? Answer: Only the Chelan wineries purchase ads.
  4. Is attendance more local or regional? Answer: The Bach Fest event consists of 20 individual concert events in nine (9) days. They don’t have a means to determine where attendees originate from. However, attempts are being made to attract more tourists.
  5. What portion of the budget is Admin versus operations? Answer: Total Bach Fest budget is $51,000 with $11,000 for Musical and Executive Directors, $10,979 for advertising and miscellaneous fees and remaining $29,000 for musician fees.
  6. What in-kind contributions are there? Answer: Host families make up the most of any in-kind contribution. There is a need to find more families to host musicians.
  7. What is the breakdown of your revenue? Answer: The Bach Fest receives approximately $30,000 in private donations, predominantly from individual donors. Ticket sales amount to approximately $15,000. The remaining revenue has to come from grants from the Chamber, Arts Council and “Chelan Man Event”.

Discussion: President Fehr noted there is only $1,600 remaining in the Grants Fund                                                budget line item, and our budget revenue may not cover all expenses for this fiscal year.                         Director Morgan Picton made the motion to grant $500 to the Back Fest event for                                                2015, with emphasis to be placed on youth concerts. Past President Tim Hollingsworth made    the second to the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Rescheduling the Board Retreat – President Elect Jordana LaPorte selected June 18, from 4-7 PM as the date for the Board Retreat, to be held at the new Chamber Office Conference Room. All Lake Chelan Rotarians are invited to attend.
  2. Cornerstone Building Support – President Fehr reported that he, President Elect Jordana LaPorte and Lester Cooper met with John Anderson to discuss details for supporting the Cornerstone Building Project. Discussion ensued as to the community needs and expectations of the Project, in relation to Rotary’s current investment in the Project. Consensus was to continue to discuss possible support for the Cornerstone Building Project as the Project further develops.

New Business:

  1. Moving Checking Account(s) Washington Federal – President Elect Jordana LaPorte suggested the Board consider moving some of our banking accounts to Washington Federal because we have no affiliation with Chase any longer and we might be able to save on fees that NCB currently charges the Club. Discussion concluded there was no hard reason to keep our accounts with the current two banks. President Elect Jordana LaPorte made the motion to move the Lake Chelan Rotary Club Checking Account and The Fund Account to our local Washington Federal Bank with the necessary signatory paperwork to be signed by the President. Second was provided by Director Morgan Picton. Motion was approved unanimously.
  2. Mountain Bike Ride – Director Bruce Hurst reported he took it upon himself to begin the permit application process with the Forest Service for a “mountain bike ride event”. The permit is non-binding and would probably be for the summer of 2016 as it might be too late to begin the planning for this year. The potential date/time for the event for next year would be in September. It was also noted that Winthrop also has a mountain bike race around the same time. Consensus of the Board was to keep going on the initial planning for a Mountain Bike Ride event.




Other Business:


  1. Paul Harris Fellowship: Lester Cooper brought forward a proposal to grant a Paul Harris Fellowship to Interact Club Faculty Advisor Brisa Romero for all her work and dedication towards the Chelan High School Interact Club. Mr. Cooper pointed out that it takes a 1,000 accrued points to grant a Paul Harris Fellowship, and the Club currently has 1,901 points accrued. It was also noted there is approximately 21,938 points accrued throughout the entire Lake Chelan Rotary Club membership. Director Aaron Evans made the motion to use 1,000 points of the Lake Chelan Rotary Club to grant to Interact Club Faculty Advisor Brisa Romero a Paul Harris Fellowship. Second to the motion was made by Vice President Kevin Abel. Motion passed unanimously.
  2. Fund Raising Idea – Director Bruce Hurst reported he has been staying up nights thinking about “going to the dogs”. Director Bruce Hurst thinks we should consider a dog theme of some sort for a fund raising scheme. Many comments were barked out and all the tail wagging indicated more discussion will be the forthcoming.
  3. Father’s Day Smoker – President Fehr reported he has not heard any more about Tom Campbell’s proposal to partner with the LCRC on Father’s Day for cigars and scotch? President Fehr said he will check with Tom on the current plans.


Good of the Order:  none reported so there was a motion to adjourn.

Adjourned at 1:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Schmidt

Lake Chelan Rotary Club Secretary