March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Attending Board Members:  President Jordana LaPorte, Vice President Lester Cooper, Director Tiffany Gering, Director Aaron Evans, Tom Warren as proxy for Director Lexy Lieurance, Treasurer Terry White and Secretary Paul Schmidt.

Absent: Director Morgan Picton, Director Lexy Lieurance, and President-Elect Kevin Abel.

Attending Club Members:   Rick Nedrow.

Approval of Minutes:    Secretary Paul Schmidt made the motion to approve the February 5, 2016 Board minutes with a second to the motion provided by Vice President Lester Cooper. Motion passed unanimously.

Secretary Report: Secretary Paul Schmidt reported a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Transfer Request is being prepared and ready for order on behalf of Ms. Brisa Montejano award for her work and devotion to the Interact Club. The award will be made by President Jordana LaPorte on a near future date.

Attendance Report:  Rick Nedrow provided a report on attendance for February. Of note is that Lynda Foster is to be deleted from membership. It was also reported that 24 members had perfect attendance for the month of February. Also discussed and selected were President Jordana LaPorte, Rick Nedrow and Rich Watson as our voting delegates to the District Conference in Yakima in May. Director Aaron Evans made the motion to accept the attendance report with a second provided by proxy Tom Warren. Motion passed.

Financial Report: President Elect Jordana LaPorte and Terry White reported the following:

  • Treasurer Terry White reported that finally all dues have been paid for the 2015-2016 Year!
  • It is noted there is approximately $7,200 remaining in the current annual budget for grants. The $1,500 for the Rotary mural is not going to happen and the LEAP award did not materialize as the registration was too late to happen this year.
  • Century Challenge funds are beginning to roll in now.

Vice President Lester Cooper made the motion to approve the Financial Report and Aaron Evans provided the second. Motion was approved. President Jordana LaPorte abstained from voting.

Old Business:

  1. 90th Anniversary – Party is now scheduled for June 17 at Sorrento’s! And it has all the trappings of a very fun affair. Stay tuned.
  2. 5 Year Strategic Plan – Has now been passed onto President–Elect Kevin Abel, and it has been reported that Kevin is excited to get underway with the planning exercise.
  3. Radiothon – President Jordana reported the following updated points for the Radiothon:
    • March 26, 2015 is still the date for the 2016 Radiothon.
    • Director Tiffany Gering is deep into the final set up and details. She is good.
    • Director Tiffany Gering still hopes to tape interviews and commercials ahead of time for a better product and use of time.
    • Ten (10) eggs will be sold.
    • Prizes for the youngsters have been secured.
    • Only a single $250 sponsorship is yet to be sold.
    • Jordana and Tiffany are hard at work.
    • Time for others to step it up!
  1. Twin Cities Donation to Fire Victims – President Jordana LaPorte reported there might be an applicant that could qualify for the Twin Cities donation. More information to come later.
  2. Mayor Mike Cooney’s Request for a List of Projects – Vice President Lester Cooper is gathering a list of prior Lake Chelan projects as requested by Mayor Cooney.

New Business:

  1. Grant Request(s) – Chelan to Africa grant request for August 6th, 2016. Sponsored in the amount of $500 by Chris Millsap, Vice President Lester Cooper made the motion to approve the grant request with the added condition that Club coin boxes be placed on each table at the band event. Motion was seconded by Aaron Evans with the added condition and passed unanimously.
  2. Membership Proposals – no new members proposed.
  3. Flags – some discussion. Vice President Lester Cooper is to inquire at Campbell’s about Canadian, State and U.S. flags that were purchased by the Club but were inadvertently left at Campbell’s Resort during our move to Sorrento’s Restaurant. Also, Lake Chelan Rotary Club is being asked to bring our representative District Flags that we might have to the District Conference as a favor to the District. No problem here as we are a very gracious Club.
  4. Name Change – Still a little confusion with the official name change from Rotary Club Chelan to Rotary Club Lake Chelan with Rotary International. RI apparently lost our application. Easiest path to get to “Rotary Club Lake Chelan” is to probably apply again, of which Tom Warren has volunteered to undertake. Good luck Tom.
  5. Sunshine Committee – It was clarified that Rick Nedrow is the Chair of the Sunshine Committee.

Director/Officer Assignments:

  1. Vocational Service – Interact – Vice President Lester Cooper reported that a number of Interact students have dropped from going on the trip to Seoul, South Korea. However, two other very eager Chelan High School students stepped up and have agreed to go in their stead. The trip to South Korea at the end of May this year is to attend the Rotary International Convention with our very own Tiffany Gering attending as the chaperone.  It will be a very exciting time for all to take this trip and we look forward to a program report upon their return.
  2. International Service –Vice President Lester Cooper also reported Nikoiale Primary School in Kenya took delivery of 150 desks, 24 tables, 50 chairs, 6 toilets and I urinal. A very good day for the school.

Good of the Order:

  1. It was discussed at length about the continued and ongoing problem of some members missing assigned cashier duties and causing the work to fall on to others frequently. It was suggested to charge those who miss their assigned cashier duties the lunch cost to those who have to take over for them. Director Aaron Evans made the motion to do so with the second provided by Vice President Lester Cooper. Motion passed.

Adjourned at 5:27 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Schmidt

Lake Chelan Rotary Club Secretary