June 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Location:   Chamber of Commerce – Conference Room

Call to Order: 3:07 PM

Attending Board Members:  President Jordana LaPorte, President-Elect Kevin Abel, Director Tiffany Gering, Director Aaron Evans, Director Lexy Lieurance, Rick Nedrow as proxy for Director Morgan Picton and Secretary Paul Schmidt.

Absent: Director Morgan Picton, Past President Jeff Fehr, Vice President Lester Cooper and Treasurer Terry White.

Attending Club Members:   Sandy Calicoat.

Approval of Minutes:    President-Elect Kevin Abel made the motion to approve the May 11, 2016 Board minutes with a second to the motion provided by Director Aaron Evans. Motion passed unanimously.

Secretary Report: Secretary Paul Schmidt reported he is preparing all secretarial materials to be transferred to Director Tiffany Gering on July 1, 2016.

Attendance Report:  Rick Nedrow submitted a report for attendance that included a correction by Treasurer Terry White that indicated a rate of 60% for April member attendance.

Financial Report:

  • Director Tiffany Gering reported the new Rotary Club Visa bill for the hotel in South Korea could amount to $4,700. She noted the experience was certainly worth the cost, but sometimes credit cards don’t always work as planned!
  • Vice President Lester Cooper mentioned the slow pace of Century Challenge registration to date. It was noted we should be prepared for a less than “budgeted” expectation for revenue proceeds this year compared from this event last year.
  • President-Elect Kevin Abel has begun preparing his 2016-1017 Budget.
  • President Jordana LaPorte reported for 2015-2016 Budget Year:
    • $6200 was collected for Paul Harris Funds, which is an 83.78% rate.
    • $25,000 in scholarships were generated.
    • $6,400 in grants were awarded to the community.
  • President-Elect Kevin Abel made the motion to accept the Financial report. Second to the motion was made by Director Lexy Lieurance. Motion was approved. President Jordana LaPorte abstained from voting.

Old Business:

  1. 90th Anniversary –June 17 at Sorrento’s! President Jordana LaPorte reports entertainer Kayla Good can’t perform. Due to the late date, suggestion was to seek a disc jockey. Another thought was to ask Rotarian Guy Evans if he would be willing to play the piano. President Jordana LaPorte will be looking into all options. Current RSVP suggests approximately 45 Club members are planning on attending.
  2. 5 Year Strategic Plan – deferred.
  3. Manson Elementary School Options Program – Grant request is to fund a team of four environmental educators to develop and instruct during the Options Programs annual 3 day YMCA camp at Lake Wenatchee. However, it was noted the grant request is not complete without the required W-9 forms. Board discussion culminated in a deferral of the request until the required W-9 forms are submitted with the grant request.
  4. Mayor – Mike Cooney request for past Rotary projects – deferred.
  5. Youth Exchange – Director Lexi Lieurance reported possible exchange student from Taiwan (Silvia) will need to secure the 1st host family before the State Department will allow the visa for her exchange visit. So Director Lexi Lieurance is still asking for assistance in that regard.
  6. Cashiers – President Jordana LaPorte reported the cashier assistance afforded by her office is still in place (Natalie) and Jordana is paying for her time and lunch. The Board did recognize the good job Natalie is doing and the assistance is much appreciated.

New Business:

  1. Grant Request(s)
    1. Lake Chelan Arts – request is for $500 – there were a number of questions surrounding the request. The Board consensus was to table the request until more information could be provided.  
    2. Manson Boosters/PTA – Director Aaron Evans made the motion to approve $1,000 for the grant request. Second to the motion provided by proxy Director Rick Nedrow. Motion passed.
    3. Back to School Fair – Director Tiffany Gering made the motion to approve $1,000 for the grant request. Second to the motion provided by proxy Director Rick Nedrow. Motion passed.


  1. Membership Proposals – Mandi Dawson and Jessie Simmons were proposed by the Membership Committee to the Board for Club membership. Director Tiffany Gering made the motion to post Mandi Dawson and Jessie Simmons for approval as new Club members. Seconded by Director Aaron Evans. Motion passed.
  2. Weekly Meeting Set Up – Board discussion centered on having more advanced notice for video aid presentations as needed for programs. Problems occur when programs show up requesting video aids and the host then scrambles to accommodate. So the suggestion is to better coordinate with upcoming programs and their respective needs for video aids. Also, it was discussed as to where the video screen should be placed. The current location in front of the fireplace does not always lend itself as the best location. Issue there however is the lack of electrical outlets for projectors. More discussion is needed on the subject. No action taken.
  3. John Anderson Request – Club member John Anderson has submitted a request to keep his membership active while he is away on personal business in California. John has agreed to keep his membership dues current. Board discussion included the thought that John is already a “Rule of 85” member so attendance should not be an issue, and as long as his dues are current there shouldn’t be any problems with the Club. Director Tiffany Gering made the motion to grant approval to John Anderson’s request to maintain his active membership in the Lake Chelan Rotary Club as long as dues are maintained. Motion as seconded by proxy Rick Nedrow. Motion passed.



Director/Officer Assignments:


  1. Vocational Service – Interact: No Report
  2. New Generations: No Report
  3. International Service: No Report
  4. Club Service: No Report
  5. Community Service: No Report


Good of the Order:


  1. July 5, 2016 – Business meeting is cancelled for the Tuesday right after the holiday weekend.
  2. June 14, 2016 – Business meeting is cancelled for the Tuesday right after the Anniversary Celebration slated for June 17, 2016.

Adjourned at 4:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Schmidt

Lake Chelan Rotary Club Secretary