Vanessa Journey to Austria

August 5-6 (Travel):

I didn’t have the best travel experience, as I forgot my passport at home and had to rebook all my flights, pay 200 dollars, and rush through everything else to make my new flights. Shawn and Andrea (my sister and brother-in-law) thankfully met us halfway and soon I was back on track (mostly). My new flight was 20 minutes early and the line for security was moving as fast as you would imagine a bored TSA agent could muster. My mother also insisted on getting a security pass to come to the gate with me, so this was more extra time that we didn’t really have (love you Mams). Finally we were through security and speed walking to the very opposite end of the airport when my mom now decides to dart off into a store to get me a travel pillow. “I’ll be right behind you!” Well she was already in the store and there was no time to argue so I was forced to keep going. Because of this she barely missed the subway to my gate so I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to say goodbye to her because of that stupid pillow. I arrived at my gate with 2 minutes to spare and I managed to get them to wait another few minutes for my mom to get there. She made it last minute and I did get to hug her goodbye. I almost started crying not because I was leaving for a year, but because I was so incredibly frustrated. I made it on the plane and there were no other travel incidents besides a four hour layover in Amsterdam which I would take over the other experience any day! The travel pillow was very comfortable, but I’m still not sure it was worth it.