Vanessa – Home in Hollabrunn

August 24-Present (Home Again):
I got home yesterday around 2:00pm and we went straight to my uncle’s house where they were having a birthday party for Lorenz who turned 4. I met several more extended family members including my grandparents and my other uncle. My two uncles are in a band together which is very good. It is called 74Tea and I have a ticket to one of their concerts in the next couple months. Then I came home and finally unpacked my huge suitcase in my new room, which my little sister has so graciously sacrificed for the duration of my stay here. I am also learning the routine of my new home as I have finally been able to see what a normal full day is like. I could not have asked for a better host family. I already love them and I am excited for the months to come. My father is hilarious and always helpful with everything I need. I can depend on him to get me whatever I will need during the duration of my stay here in Austria. My mother is a primary school teacher which is more than perfect, as she is always teaching me more German and is so incredibly patient and kind to me. My 16 year old sister Mattea has shown me around town and introduced me to her friends, and I really enjoy having her around since she is my age and is also going to be a foreign exchange student in America next year. And finally my youngest sister Laurena is so sweet and such a goof ball. She always keeps me laughing! Tonight Kornelius, Mattea, Laurena, and I all did the ALS ice bucket challenge together and dumped cold water all over our heads. I am never bored. 🙂