In May 2018, Lake Chelan Rotary visited three school in Narok County, Kenya.  They were, Kisiriri Primary School, Landmark Junior Academy and Nkoilale Primary School.  All of the schools had their unique challenges, but they all had one thing in common – very eager children who want to learn and a complete lack of books!

At Kisiriri, the library is a locked closet in one of the classrooms.  The “library” contained a few old workbooks and a few old magazines. There were no storybooks or pleasure books.  The teacher explained that they only had what was in the closet.

Storybook Libraries was conceived.

The plan is to collect donated books and ship them to Kenya every 3 or 4 months until there is a library of 1,500 books in each of the school libraries. The library books will be for children age 6 to 14.  We have already sent the first shipment of 250 books.  They are expected to arrive in Kenya in mid November. 2018.

We need good quality books that are suitable for early learning beginning readers through chapter books for the more advanced students. The goal is to provide an avenue for these students to thrive through imagination and personal growth.

If you would like to help please contact Lake Chelan Rotary.  We will be happy to pick the books up and arrange for them to get to some very eager children waiting to learn,