January 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Lake Chelan Rotary Board


January 8, 2016

Location:   Chamber of Commerce – Conference Room

Attending Board Members:  President Jordana LaPorte, Sandy Calicoat as proxy for President- Elect Kevin Abel, Vice President Lester Cooper, Past President Jeff Fehr, Director Tiffany Gering, Rick Nedrow as proxy for Director Lexy Lieurance, Director Morgan Picton, Treasurer Terry White and Secretary Paul Schmidt.

Absent: Director Lexy Lieurance, Director Aaron Evans and President- Elect Kevin Abel.

Attending Club Members:   John Anderson.

The meeting was called to order at 11:31 AM by President Jordana LaPorte.

Approval of Minutes:    Rick Nedrow made a motion to approve the December 18, 2015 Board minutes with a correction of the 90th Anniversary Party date being set for April 2, 2016 and a typo for Chela(n) spelling. A second to the motion was provided by Past President Jeff Fehr. Motion passed unanimously.

Secretary Report: Secretary Paul Schmidt reported both Honorary Members from the Lake Chelan Rotary Membership Role will be removed as being deceased.

Attendance Report:  Rick Nedrow provided a report on attendance for December. Of note is that Jim Slaugenhaupt is now eligible for a “Rule of 85” attendance waiver. Further discussion ensued on the ease of using the Rotary website for “makeup attendance”.

Financial Report: President Elect Jordana LaPorte and Terry White reported the following:

  • Chase Bank Account has now been officially closed and moved to Washington Federal.
  • Terry White reported it appears there are three current members who are 90 days past due for annual dues.
  • Lake Chelan Rotary Club is nearing 84% participation of Club members in contributing the Rotary International Paul Harris Fund.

Proxy Rick Nedrow made the motion to approve the Financial Report and Sandy Calicoat provided the second. Motion was approved. President Jordana LaPorte abstained from voting.

Old Business:

  1. Paul Harris Certificate Awards – Still pending. Kirk McGovern was contacted about using his Alaska Rotary Club certificate as a template for Lake Chelan Club. But it was discussed we need to be mindful of copyright infringement. More work to follow. Also of note is Ty Witt received a PH pen but not the certificate for his recent award.
  2. 90th Anniversary – Tabled for now. Still planned for April 2, 2016 at Campbell’s Resort.
  3. 5 Year Strategic Plan – President Jordana LaPorte and Vice President Lester Cooper will prepare a draft plan for review soon and submit to President-Elect Kevin Abel.
  4. Update on Winterfest – Rick Nedrow reported that he and Director Morgan Picton have everything under control. Specifically:
    • Have purchased 600 dogs and brats.
    • All volunteer slots are filled.
    • Walmart is standing by with additional hotdogs if needed.
    • Lester has procured I-Pad registers to use for transactions.
    • Price for dogs and brats will be $5 each.
    • When the menu is finalized, Rick will get it to Lester so it can be posted on our website.
  5. Radiothon – President Jordana reported the following updated points for the Radiothon:
    • March 26, 2015 is the date for the 2016 Radiothon.
    • Director Tiffany Gering will meet with Juli at KOZI to set up the schedule.
    • Director Tiffany Gering hopes to tape interviews and commercials ahead of time for a better product and use of time.
    • Sponsorships are being reviewed for price adjustment.
    • A single Gold Egg sponsorship will be sold for $500 and a single Silver Egg Sponsorship will be sold for $250.
    • Lake Chelan Chamber graphic contractor has been hired for $50 to design posters and brochures.
  6. Dean Allen Memorial Ski-a-Thon Update – Vice President Lester Cooper and Kelly Allen have been hard at work with last minute details. Specifically:
  • January 23, 2016 is the date of the event at Mission Ridge
  • Donations are up with $4,000 to date, still need more registrations
  • Rotary has purchased the Beer Garden Permit
  • There is an account already set up in the Club budget to accept donations
  • Lake Chelan Rotary is the official sponsor of the event


  1. Potential Purchase of Event Tent – President Jordana LaPorte reported All Seasons Rental has sold all large tents and is keeping the smaller 20×20 tents for rental. Lake Chelan Rotary will not be buying any tents.


New Business:

  1. Grant Request(s) – none at this time
  2. Membership Proposals – no new members proposed. Phil Beier is pending membership until the Membership Committee can interview him.
  3. What’s New for Lunch – much discussion. Specifically:
  • Campbell’s response to President Jordana LaPorte’s discussion is lunch prices will probably increase.
  • Sorrento’s Restaurant is offering their establishment as the Lake Chelan Rotary weekly meeting place.
  • Sorrento’s Restaurant would keep current price structure.
  • Downside of Sorrento’s Restaurant is the distance.
  • Consensus of the Board was to ask the general membership their preference via website survey. Vice President Lester Cooper would put the survey on the website soon after the general meeting on January 12.
  • After the survey results are tabulated, the Board would make the final decision on whether to relocate to Sorrento’s Restaurant or remain at Campbell’s Resort.
  1. $4,280 Twin Cities Club Fire Victim Donation – President Jordana LaPorte reported it is difficult to identify specific fire victims to grant the donation that haven’t already been addressed from other funding sources. Suggestion was made to possibly return the funds to the Twin Cities Rotary Club. Further discussion was then offered to possibly ask the Twin Cities Rotary Club if they would agree to have their funds of $4,280 be used as a special scholarship offering, in their name, for eligible students here in Chelan. Vice President Lester Cooper made the motion to have President Jordana LaPorte contact the Twin Cities Rotary Club to inquire about the scholarship possibility. Treasure Terry White provided a second to the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Director/Officer Assignments:

  1. Vocational Service – Interact
  • Vice President Lester Cooper reported our Club is sponsoring a Culinary Arts Club member to attend the annual Kelowna leadership retreat for Interact Students. Remaining challenge is to provide transportation for the student.

Good of the Order:

  1. None reported.

Adjourned at 1:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Schmidt

Lake Chelan Rotary Club Secretary