Nkoilale School

2015-2016 District Grant Project Results

This project was designed to meet some of the pressing needs of the Nkoilale Primary School which is a school located 5 miles from the Massai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.  The school is in a very remote area and presently has 907 students (250 of which board at the school) 14 class rooms and 21 teachers. The material and labor was sourced locally with some items for the solar lighting systems being sourced in Nairobi approximatekly 5 hours away from Nkoilale.  Funds were used to:  provide the school with six additional toilet facilities, 150 additional student desks and 50 chairs in classrooms where multiple students share a desk or are required to sit on dirt floors.  Twenty four tables were provided for  a newly built dining hall.  In addition, 14 solar powered lighting systems were installed in local homes to assist students with doing their homework after dark.

The project was completed on time and on budget.  Local coordination was provided by Kosen Safaris (www.kosensafaris.com).  kosen Safaris has offices in Wenatchee,WA. USA and Nairobi, Kenya.

A post completion, on site audit was completed in July 2016.

Final project letter was sent to Rotary District 5060 Grants Committee on August 2, 2016.