Laikipa Cricketeers

The Massai Mara is in South West Kenya where the Nkoilale Primary school is located.  Here local warriors from Laikipa are using their love for cricket to convey messages and awareness against social injustices in their community.  They are actively campaigning against destructive cultural practices such as FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and early childhood marriages.  These both have a direct effect on the increase in the cases of HIV/AIDS.  Several of the girls sponsored by Lake Chelan Rotary who are in boarding at Nkoilale Primary school have been subjected to both FGM and early childhood marriage.

The warriors use cricket to empower girls and woman, target substance and alcohol abuse and animal poaching.  They  strive to build peace amongst communities.  The Laikipa Maasai tribesmen took up cricket in 2009 and soon attracted a great deal of attention.

The sport was introduced by Aliya Bauer, a South African woman conducting research in the area who was missing the sport she loved.  She brought equipment from her home country and started teaching the Maasai how to play.  The team captain says, the sport came naturally to him and his fellow Maasai warriors, bowling, wasn’t hard for us, it is the way we throw the spear.