Golden Egg Hunt

Spring is here and it’s time to find that Golden Egg worth $500! The Golden Egg Hunt is an annual community event hosted by KOZI Radio and the Rotary Club of Lake Chelan.  We encourage individuals and families to tune into KOZI radio beginning April 15, 2019 to listen for daily clues on how to find the famous Golden Egg!  Daily clues will also be posted on this page after 8:00 pm each day during the week beginning April 15.   The prize inside the egg is a certificate for $500 redeemable for cash.  The certificate will be redeemed on Saturday April 21 at the KOZI radio station located at 123 E. Johnson, downtown Chelan.

Be sure to thank our sponsors for making this community event possible and please be mindful of property when ‘in the hunt’!  Digging, or the movement of property, is not permitted.

Your home town Rotary club is committed to providing a variety of community services both local and international.  To learn more about Rotary and what local Rotarians are involved with please browse this website.  If you have questions about our purpose or club activities, please use the ‘Contact’ button to send us an email.  The Rotary Club of Lake Chelan gives special thanks to all participants and sponsors involved in supporting this tradition and we wish all of you the best of luck in locating ‘The Golden Egg’!

…and the winners are…

you must wait and see – all will be revealed Saturday April 20, 2109 – we hope!

…where did they find it?…

no one knows!

2019 Golden Egg Clues

Monday – April 15, 2019

So it begins, the hunt for the egg.  You’ll need some brains, an arm and a leg.

KOZI and Rotary, together a team, bring you treasure with a golden gleam.

Our golden egg sponsors are the best. They give the treasure you win in this quest.

You won’t need to dig. Put your shovel away.  You can respect other’s property and still be in play.

Where to begin?  That’s the hard part.  Listen to KOZI. That’s a good start.

Under the sky and over the ground, open your eyes, look all around.

Smaller that a basketball.  Bigger than a bean: I’m the prettiest egg you’ve ever seen.

Where would you look an egg to find?  Follow the clues.  Use your mind.

Not in the egg case or any grocery store.  Neither at a fruit stand, nor under an apple core.

Why take the trouble to stomp around outside?  It’s all about the prize inside.

Tuesday April 16, 2019

The second day.  Will these clues help?  More than a box of rocks, or a bag of kelp.

You’ve got to breathe lots of fresh air.  The weather won’t matter, not if you care.

You can cross your fingers or wish on a star.  But to find me, get out of the car.

In an oval, not a round.  Open me up to see what you’ve found.

Notice the birds that fly by.  Do you see a difference with your eye?

Kids and teens, grandparents, too, anyone can follow a clue.

As the trees begin to leaf out, fine the egg.  Let loose a shout.

Pack a sandwich or two, maybe a drink.  This egg hunt takes much more than you think.

Think like an egg.  Where would you hide?  Safe day or night somewhere outside.

If I had a cell phone and you gave me a call, Would my location still be a secret to one and all?

Wednesday April 17, 2019

It’s now day three. Let’s get down to brass tacks.  I’ll give better clues with better clue facts.

You may have to bend.  You may have to reach.  Perseverance is a virtue this hunt will teach.

Old and young may know my place.  No age limits on this space.

I may not be right in plain sight.  That would be too easy.  It wouldn’t be right.

Looking in Nature?  Or man made space?  I’d say a bit of both will describe my place.

What do I see at dawn’s first light?  Water, hills and sky are my delight.

Eeny Meeny, High or low?  Golden Egg, where’d you go?

If the wind blows and the bough breaks, will the egg hiding place have what it takes?

Writing these clues is a really hard test.  Is this a good place to stop for a rest?

I don’t think an eagle up in the sky could see this spot where I lie.

Thursday March 18, 2019

Tsillan, Wapato, Stehekin: each is a name, used in the valley before white men came.

This can’t be too easy, can’t be too hard.  Not like the egg is in someone’s back yard.

I can see the lady whenever she passes with tourists and locals in happy masses.

All kinds of pollens are the reason, this time of year is the sneezin’ season.

Where oh where is my little egg’s yard?  Lyin’ down on a surface that’s hard?

Pick a shore where efforts you’ll put forth.  River divides town.  Stay to the north.

I’m getting tired of waiting for you.  If I honk a horn, maybe that will do.

Two towns on the lake, along it one road.  In this valley, we all share the load.

Please come find me and give me some sun.  This Golden Egg hunt is nearly done.

I’ll give you a prize. That’s too good to pawn.  To find the egg, stand on the lawn.

Friday April 19, 2019

The Egg Has Been Found

Saturday April 20, 2019

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