September 5, 2014

School has finally started for the 2014-2015 school year, and that means the Interact Club is moving along at full speed once again in hopes of another great year of helping the community! The Interact Club has a lot of new officers this year who are excited to leave their mark on the community and the club.

  • President- Emma Elsner
  • Vice-President- Mary Fitzpatrick
  • Secretary- Malena Evig
  • Director of Public Relations- Erika Arias
  • Director of Rotary Reporter- Henry Elsner
  • Director of Nicaragua Trip- Casey Jackson
  • Director of Fundraising- Eva Anashensly
  • Director of WE Programs- Haley Holliday

Interact Club has a month of showing ourselves to the community ahead of us, starting with our President and Vice-President, Emma and Mary, going to the Cashmere Rotary to talk about our club on the 10th of September. The club’s first meeting will be on September 17th due to delays caused by our presentation to Cashmere Rotary. Next, Interact will be giving a presentation during the Lake Chelan Rotary meeting in Chelan. To see us at our final event of the month, come to the concessions stand at Sergeant Field for the Chelan High School football game on September 26th.

Thank you for being interested in the Interact Club and giving us your support! This year will be another great year for Interact Club and the Lake Chelan Rotary. We look forward to contributing to the community of Chelan and working with the other groups and organizations in Chelan to make our town a better place!

Henry Elsner | CHS Interact Reporter

Naomi Update

Many of you will remember Naomi as the incredible young woman who was President of Interact last year, business woman, dancer and musical talent.  Unfortunately Naomi has been ill and was unable to complete her academic year at Western Washington University.  The following is an update from her mother CherylAnne:

Long Naomi Update:

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 2.31.49 PMNaomi is entering her 5th month of dealing with frustrating, life-altering health issues. Many of you have been asking for updates and I am sorry that they have been so infrequent. But, the challenge is that there is so little we can say to update you. The lack of information and slow progress with test results and Dr. appointments is really wearing Naomi down and fielding questions is beginning to take a toll on her. At the same time, she is very grateful for all the concern so many are showing her.

She is still waiting for results from the GI tests that were taken on Aug 22. She should hear by this Friday if anything has shown up. Her appointment with the UW Cardiologist was very good. While her heart is situated differently than normal (which is why the folks in Wenatchee were unable to read her echocardiogram and we went on another wild goose chase), it is still a very healthy heart. Her symptoms are most likely not a result of her unique anatomy. I’m relieved it isn’t her heart.

Her symptoms continue to morph and change, some getting better, some worse. Right now, I’m concerned about her spirits. She will not be going back to school this fall.
Several people have asked about Lyme’s Disease. She is hopefully going to be tested for that and mono this week. She has an appointment set for mid-September at Children’s, and a neurology appointment set up for mid-October.

While the doctors we’ve met with have been individually wonderful, it is really frustrating how challenging it has been to get her any help. Progress is incredibly slow. Communication between facilities is non-existent. We are getting lessons in advocating for ourselves.

Hoping to have real news soon. If you ask her for an update and don’t hear back right away, don’t take it personally. It’s just hard to repeat the same non-info over and over…defeating. However, feel free to message her with encouragement.

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