March 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Rotary Club

Minutes – March 8, 2018 at 4pm

Call to Order: 4:03pm

Attending: President Lester Cooper, President Elect Ty Witt, Past President Kevin Abel , Treasurer Sandy Calicoat and Secretary Tiffany Gering.  Directors: Kirk McGovern, Rick Nedrow and Phil Moller. Club members: Terry Johnson, Paul Gunn, Karen Pembroke, Chris Baker, Don Christenson, Lyle Mettler and Tom Tochterman. Absent: Vice President Kelly Allen and Kate Tomlinson.

  1. Approval of Board Minutes: Kirk made the motion to approve the board minutes, Sandy seconded the motion.
  2. Financial Report – Sandy Calicoat: We have $864 allocated for Shelterbox that has not been spent. The club budgets for $1,000 yearly to purchase one Shelterbox. Rick made the motion to approve the financial report, Lyle seconded the motion.
  3. Grant Requests – $3,000 per quarter budgeted to spend
  • Chelan High School – Todos United: refer back to Chelan High School.
  • Lake Chelan Lutheran Church Honorable Welcome Home: Terry made a motion to give $1,100 to the Honorable Welcome Home program; Ty seconded the motion.
  • Youth Wrestling: Kirk made a motion that we match $750 to purchase head gear with the Rotary logo, Sandy seconded the motion.
  • Youth Vision Testing: refer back to Manson School District.

Adjournment: 5:03pm

Next meeting: April 12, 2018 at 4pm

Sage Board Room, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce