July 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Lake Chelan Rotary Club

Board Meeting Minutes July 13, 2017

Call to Order: 4:04 pm

Attending Board Members: President Lester Cooper, President Elect Ty Witt, Treasurer Sandy Calicoat, Interim Secretary Jordana LaPorte.  Directors:  Kirk McGovern, Rick Nedrow, and Kate Tomlinson.  Club Members:  Terry Johnson, Lyle Mettler, Karen Pembroke, Mandy, Rich Watson

Absent – Phil Mollier and Kelly Allen

Approval of the Board Meeting Minutes:  Rick Nedrow made the motion to approve the June minutes as emailed.  Ty Witt seconded.  Motion carried.

Rich Watson presented information regarding Meals of Hope a program similar to Feed Our Starving Children and specific to Rotary, however, the food can be packaged and used locally as well as sent to other areas.   Prior functions included cross section of service clubs, general community members.  Rich was requested to get more details and information as the consensus was in support of hosting a function.

Financial Report – The year end financials and new year budget were presented.  Year-end clean up items to move club funds to “The Fund” for future use.  10k was budgeted for the 100-year anniversary project.  Ty moved and Sandy seconded the transfer of funds, vote was unanimous. 3k was budgeted for Interact, Rick moved and Sandy seconded the transfer, Ty was the opposing vote.  Both motions carried.  Sandy moved and Ty seconded the approval of the financials and 2017/2018 budget, vote was unanimous, Jordana LaPorte abstained.

Kirk McGovern volunteered to follow up on using club points for the $25 match of Paul Harris contributions by members.

Attendance Reports – Presented by Rick Nedrow.  Attendance has been clarified to be for regular Tuesday meetings, board meetings, socials, satellite meetings, service days, fundraising events, committee meetings and make-ups at other club meetings including eclub.

Old Business:

  1. 100 Year anniversary project – no update at this time.
  2. Youth Exchange – Mandy Dawson updated status on Frame’s potential arrival and Nora’s potential departure. No specific dates at this time.  We have 3 families willing to take Frame into their homes and a fourth as a backup – Much progress compared to recent years.

New Business:

  1. Scholarships restructure – Mary Watson has agreed to head the Scholarship Committee and has been tasked with overhauling how recipients are chosen. Additionally, she has been asked to investigate setting up a system/program to reach out to high school students at risk for not graduating due to financial issues.
  2. Finance and Accounting Restructure – Jordana has requested that “The Fund” be the primary “Fundraising” vehicle and that the Club accounts are used solely for club administration. The goal being to simplify the accounts and reduce the need to transfer funds between the two groups.  A finance committee is being suggested to help with this decision-making process.
  3. Grant requests – There were no new grant requests presented at the meeting
  4. Membership Proposals – Two new members, Kristen Ayling and Hillary Kosen were proposed. Tom Tochterman has requested a transfer from his Mill Creek club.  Motions were made and seconded to approve each, unanimous vote on all, motions carried.

Committee Reports –

  1. Vocational Service – Kirk McGovern – no additional discussion at this time
  2. International Service – Lester Cooper – Reported that homes in Nkolalie now have solar lights.
  3. Club Service – Rick Nedrow – no additional discussion at this time
  4. Community Service – Ty Witt – Reported we have time and funds for projects but are having trouble finding individuals or groups in need. Recent project at Pingrey Park was very successful and gave some great visibility but was really helping the city.  Would really like to focus on community members.  Suggestion was made to announce on second cup with KOZI.
  5. Membership – Paul Gunn – Jordana suggested the club consider capping the membership, in part due to eventual space limitations, in part to deal with members who are not really engaged in the club, ones that rarely attend. If we had a waiting list it would be more reasonable to release members who are not participating.
  6. Newsletter – Karen Pembroke – Lester and the Board congratulated Karen’s work as our new editor, Tom being a hard act to follow, Karen is doing a great job.
  7. Scholarships – Mary Watson – no additional discussion at this time.

The retreat is scheduled for Saturday July 15, 2017 at the Lake Chelan Golf Course.

With no additional business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 6:40.


Next Meeting:  August 10, 2017

At the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce