August 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 4pm

Attending Board Members: President Kevin Abel, President-Elect Lester Cooper, Past President Jordana Laporte, Vice President Ty Witt, and Secretary Tiffany Gering.  Directors: Sandy Calicoat and Rick Nedrow.

Absent:  Director Lexy Lieurance, Director Phil Moller, and Treasurer Terry White.

Attending Club Members: Brent Morrison.

Approval of Minutes: Director Sandy Calicoat made the motion to approve the July 14, 2016 Board Minutes with a second to the motion provided by Rick Nedrow. Motion passed unanimously.

Attendance Report: Director Rick Nedrow reported that there is no attendance pattern. The question was asked, when do we decide people are no longer members? Director Rick Nedrow will put together a bullet point list to help guide the Membership Committee regarding member retainsion. He will bring it back to the board for review.  Ty Witt mentioned that he will call Ty Waude to check in with him.

Financial Report – Happy bucks were won the last day of the year so that is why that number is $0. Chelan High School still owes us money but we assume it will be paid when school starts. The final net on the bike ride is $53,000 with only $175 of expenses thus far. We started the year with $30,000 in cash and currently have $11,579.75 of outstanding membership dues. Director Rick Nedrow made the motion to accept the financial report. Director Sandy Calicoat seconded the motion. Motion approved with Past President Jordana LaPorte abstaining from the vote.

Old Business

  1. Youth Exchange – Student from Taiwan: Jordana is picking her up August 21st.
  2. Lexy Replacement – Kirk McGovern: Lexy is going to submit her resignation. Kirk McGovern and Connie Lorenz were both suggested.

New Business

  1. Budget 2016-2017: The BBQ is still a concern since we may not do this fundraiser. It was suggested that we raffle off a cruise and that it presents the opportunity of a $17,000 potential profit. Apparently the cruise line would sell it to us at cost. The idea of an ice rink at Winterfest was also discussed. We will come up with another fundraiser if the BBQ doesn’t pan out. More discussion and brainstorming to come and the satellite meeting may be a good place to do that. Past President Jordana Laporte made the motion to accept the revised budget. Vice President Ty Witt seconded the motion. Motion approved unanimously.
  1. Grant Requests:
    1. Red Cross Blood Drive: Director Rick Nedrow made the motion to approve the Red Cross Blood Drive on the condition that the Lake Chelan Rotary banner will be hung at all the blood drives. Vice President Ty Witt seconded the motion. Motion passed. Tiffany will find out who the check needs to be made out to and let Jordana know. Lester will make a field on the online grant request for who the check needs to be written to.
    2. Automatic External Defibrillators: The grant request is asking for only a fraction of what they actually need. Concerns were discussed regarding the request coming from a public entity, and why they couldn’t make this a budget line item and accommodate for it. Some thought the Lake Chelan Community Hospital (LCCH) Foundation would be interested in helping. The request will be presented to the LCCH Foundation board by President-Elect Lester Cooper. If the LCCH Founation board says no, we can always reconsider. No vote, grant request deferred.
    3. Bench Project Boy Scout Troup 34: Past President Jordana Laporte made the motion to approve the grant request for $750 and President-Elect Lester Cooper seconded the motion. Motion passed with President Kevin Abel abstaining.
  1. Membership Proposals – None.
  1. 501c3 – There is an issue receiving automatic transfers from the NCW Community Foundation (NCWCF), which is earmarked for scholarships. In the past, the scholarship monies have been paid by the NCWCF directly to the scholarship recipient. It is causing confusion among the students because they are applying for Lake Chelan Rotary and NCWCF scholarships even though it is the same pot of funds. We would like them to transfer the scholarship monies to our account from the NCWCF annually. It would need to be transferred into the Lake Chelan Community and International Fund. They require a board vote on their end and on ours, as well as a letter that Lester will draft independently for the President’s signature. President-Elect Lester Cooper made the motion and Vice President Ty Witt seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
  1. Past President Jordana Laporte made the motion to have new signers on the signature cards. New signers would be Past President Jordana Laporte, President Kevin Abel, President-Elect Lester Cooper, and Treasurer Terry White. This needs to be done for both bank accounts at Washington Federal and Cashmere Valley Bank. Secretary Tiffany Gering seconded the motion. Motion carries.
  1. Director Rick Nedrow made the motion to open an Interact checking account at Cashmere Valley Bank. Vice President Ty Witt seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
  1. Discussion was had regarding how we fundraise, advertise, and handle accounts with the Interact Club. All events are considered “Rotary Sponsored Events.” There were concerns that fundraising sometimes happens on school time. President-Elect Lester Cooper reminded the board that we buy insurance for the kids. Even so, President-Elect Lester Cooper will speak to Barry Depaoli to find out any potential issues.

Director/Officer Assignments

  1. Vocation Service – Director Lexy Lieurance: No report.
  2. International Service – President-Elect Lester Cooper: No report.
  3. Club Service – Director Rick Nedrow: No report.
  4. Community Service – Director Sandy Calicoat: Vice President Ty Witt will be presenting a topic next month for a new community service project for our club to consider. The trailer is a big piece of this project. There is an immediate need for a community member who does not have funds and has a list of needs. More information to come in the presentation.

Other Business – Good of the Order: Brent Morrison has offered to take over bike ride duties with the condition that President-Elect Lester Cooper still handles marketing and registration. Brent will put together a ride committee. Here are some ideas he had for the ride: riders don’t know how we spend the money so we need to focus more on where the money goes (maybe video testimonials, exhibits at Don Morse Park, web and Facebook presence); Cycle Central suggested we refresh/change something every year; have some fanfare/enthusiasm at the start; close one lane of Loop 1 to Boyd Road between 7am and 7:15am; close off the bridge to do a mass start there, closing one lane through town; balloon archway for start and finish; complete a loop and be entered to win a prize; cost of housing is an issue…Rotary Rooms and donate to Rotary; flagger training instead of paying people; Fall Crush ride (triathlon) as a potential fundraiser. September 6th at the Club Assembly we will brainstorm these ideas.

Adjournment: 5:21pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tiffany Gering

Lake Chelan Rotary Secretary