Kosen – Trip to Kenya – August 2014

Hi Everyone.

My family and I are back home from our Trip to Kenya.  My wife Diane and My daughter Hailey had a wonderful time visiting family and friends for the first time.  We also had time to go on a 3 days safari in Masai Mara which coincided with the wildebeest migration season.  This Safari was also very important to both Hailey and I, in Aug 1978 my Dad took me on safari, I was 5 yrs old and at 5 yrs this was my daughter’s first safari and from the look of things she is a natural.

On Sept 10th I met with Grace and presented her with 2 Laptop computers that were donated by Lester Cooper from the Chelan Rotary and also gave her the money to pay for the kid’s tuition (fee) and shopping for the 6 new kids as well as for the other 9 that we have been supporting from the beginning of the year. I also had time to visit with the kids and they were very happy and thankful to each and every one of you for your Love and kind support. They told me to let you know that they are working very hard at school and they want to make us all proud. Grace gave me their school report form and their performance was impressive. I will bring the report forms to our next meeting.

Dr Claver, Andy Kunkel and I also visited the 5 of the 9 solar lights beneficiaries and to our delight every one of the solar Kits was working perfectly. We had to change only 1 bulb that had gone out.  These families have kept the solar kit in a very good condition. We left Grace with 8 extra bulbs for replacement if needed.

The Lights continue to have a great and positive impact to the community, I talked to the women and they told me how the lights have changed their lives both financially and socially. They make the traditional necklaces, bracelets and other Masai traditional bead work at night and sell them to Tourist during the day and also have time to do other family chores during the day. One story was even more compelling, one of ladies told me that she put one light outside of her house facing the livestock coral and ever since they have not experienced any incidents with the predators like Leopard, hyenas or lions attacking or even killing their livestock. For the Masai People livestock are a very major source of income and livelihood. Thanks to the solar lights for they have deterred these predators from coming into the village at night, the village and more importantly the people are safe at night.

The children continue to enjoy doing their homework and studies at home without any worries about darkness setting in or getting sick from smoke from kerosene lamps or firewood.

We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” -Howard Zinn