Nkoilale Parent Conference Update

Hello everyone,

I believe that you are all doing fine. I am doing well too. We had a nice break. It has been raining since we closed. The place is now very beautiful.

I would like to inform you that we held a meeting with the parents and the kids last week. I am so grateful that they all managed to come. As we all know, these kids came to school against their parents’ wishes. There is always need to monitor the relationship between them so as to make sure that these kids get support, love and encouragement from their parents. The only way to establish this is by having a one-on-one forum with them. In our meeting, we discussed the following issues:

  • parental guidance and support
  • discipline
  • self motivation and hard work
  • responsibility

We had a wonderful time together and everyone participated in the discussions. They are all thankful for the support they are getting from you. All parents have now changed their attitude towards education and promised to be 100% supportive towards their kids education.

With love,

Grace Namunyak.